Braces are clearly the best choice for a better smile

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Types of Braces


Traditional metal? Clear ceramic? These days, there are many choices available and it gets confusing! Which type of braces should you choose? Can you choose, or is it strictly up to your orthodontist?

Metal Braces

Metal braces (stainless steel) are the most popular type of braces used throughout the country. If you choose metal braces for your treatment plan, our office utilizes the most comfortable, efficient, and technologically advanced metal braces available.

Many patients enjoy having different colors placed on their braces as a means of personal expression and fun. Because it's so simple to change the colors, feel free to swap them at every visit

Call today to schedule a consultation appointment to which option is best for you.

Corona Del Mar Metal Braces


Clear Ceramic Braces

Clear ceramic braces are an aesthetic alternative for those who don't want their braces to show as much. Clear braces move your teeth in exactly the same way as metal braces do. Like metal braces, they are extremely comfortable to wear and very efficient at moving teeth.

Call today to schedule a consultation appointment to see if Clear Ceramic Braces may be an option for you.

Corona Del Mar Invisible Braces